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Potential Observers Training Course.  21st and 22nd March

The RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclist Coventry group are holding a Potential Observers Training Course.

Open to all Members who have achieved a Silver or Gold Grade in their RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test within the last 3 years. 

Anyone interested should sign on to the event ASAP.  (See the events section for March)


Welcome to RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists Coventry

Interesting in joining the club?  Click here for joining instructions.


aboutOur aim is to help existing motorcyclists to get more from their riding and to gain the skills and knowledge to achieve the standard for the RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test.

There are many myths about advanced riding most of which are not true. Our main focus is road safety, but that does not mean we don’t like to have fun riding bikes. Quite the opposite, a well-trained rider is usually quicker, and definitely safer, than an untrained rider.

If you'd like to improve your riding, why not come and visit us at one of our regular club nights. We'll be happy to tell you a bit more about it and give you some idea as to what you can expect to gain from it. 

Based in South Coventry, the bulk of our membership comes from throughout Warwickshire but also includes the surrounding counties.


BIKER DOWN - Road Safety For Bikers


Did you know we also help run the Bikder Down courses for Warwickshire fire service? 

This was last weeks course held at the Rugby fire station. 

That's Chris delivering the last module to the class and Paul enjoying some well-deserved rest on the floor. 

These courses are an amazing way to spend 3 hours and gain some much need knowledge of accident scene management, first aid and some proactive suggestions on how to ride with less risk. 

We also offer assessment rides after the course.  Book a free course using the below link.


Overtaking Course.


Saturday 21st July was our yearly overtaking course organized by the club training team and Gordon in particular.

While well attended we did have many members unable to attend for various reasons so Gold rider Gary Wardle has kindly written a writeup.

Thanks Gary

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Meeting Update: Congratulations to Paul, Wayne and Martin on Gold 

Official club congratulations to Paul, Wayne and Martin who all attained Gold standard in their recent test. 

3 Golds in a week might be a club record. Well done all. 

Followed by an informative talk from about motorcycle air vests.  Again Wayne stepped up to be the test dummy and have the experience of setting off a vest.  If you are looking for a vest these guys really know their stuff. Highly recommended.

BIKER DOWN - Road Safety For Bikers

From this Sunday (23rd June) we will be attending the Warwickshire Fire service "Biker Down" courses.

We are offering a FREE assessment ride to anyone that attends the FREE course.

If you are interested in attending book below.


New Associate Experience 

So what's it like joining our group?

Paul Hewitson gives us some feedback...

"I am new to the Coventry RoSPA group and have to say been made very welcome.

I came to a couple of the group meetings before joining to see how things worked etc and again was brought straight into the conversations etc.

I was given an Observer for my training and arranged my first ride to see what my base standard was.

The training team and Observer were in contact to arrange the ride out and when I met the Observer and we had a great chat at first then worked out a route for the ride.

We stopped a couple of times to discuss points along the ride.

I am always given great feedback at the end and a full report emailed to me.

We then arranged further ride outs between ourselves and great communication to arrange these.

I have now done 3 rides in all with two full training rides and I am progressing well.

My Observer is now giving me a radio with an earpiece to get instructions and directions.

Really great training and homework referencing the books that were supplied also."

Thanks Paul. Sounds like you are having fun and learning at the same time. 


New Associates and Full Members

New Associates and Full Members will be added to the group website and email. This will allow you to log into the website to gain access to the calendar of events and members list. Your login details will be provided once your membership has been completed. 


Just want to meet up for an informal chat?  Click here to see our club nights.