Open Rideout - 2019

Rider Class: - Open Ride-out for all registered members

Rider Leader: Peter Astley 

Rider Leader Contact No: 07786 916801

Tail-end Charlie: Ray Hughes - 07904 056847  


Meeting at Starbucks on the NORTH BOUND side of the A46 towards COVENTRY. Post code CV35 8HA.


The Ride brief will be at 7pm departing for our destination no later than 7.15pm for a leisurely ride to our destination in Withybrook.. The route will be suitable  for both associates and novice pillions and as it's the last open ride of the year I'm hoping for a good turn out.

I have booked a table for 14 in a private room, this can be increased to accommodate more if necessary but I will need to know numbers by the 13th August.. Can you please send me a message if your attending with a pillion.



The Pheasant

Main Street











  • Please arrive with a full tank of fuel
  • Bike must be roadworthy and legal 
  • Wear or carry appropriate clothing for the ride
  • Ensure you have the mobile number for the ride-leader   
  • No deliberate backing-off within the group 
  • No overtaking within the group 
  • Always ride within your own capabilities 
  • If using a radio, it should be set to channel 1 or 1.10   



Take responsibility for the rider behind you Prior to moving off familiarise yourself with the following rider. You’re responsible for making sure they don’t get lost and break up the ride. When making a change of direction and the following rider is out of sight, wait and mark the direction change until they arrive. When safe, move off briskly allowing the following rider to take up your position marking the direction change.  


Do not ride slower where there is no turn-off to allow the rider behind to catch up, this usually has the opposite effect and elongates the group.    


Look for overtaking opportunities While there is no overtaking within the group, there is a need to overtake other road users to maintain the flow of the ride. This is expected of all riders on all runs. Blindly overtaking or blindly following the bike in front is not expected from an advanced rider. Anticipating, preparing and then executing overtakes safely without delay or loss of available overtaking distance should be the norm for Gold and Silver riders. 


On open rides Associates should only overtake if they feel comfortable about attempting the manoeuvre. Don’t switch off - you just annoy the riders behind you.   


Speed limits All riders are expected to be able and willing to ride at the posted speed limits where safe and practical to do so. Riders with a preference or habit for riding below the posted limits or who fail to use brisk acceleration will adversely affect other riders within the group.   

Double up at junctions On final approach and whilst waiting at junctions all riders should aim to queue two-abreast and to make room for others to do this by their own positioning. The person you pull up next to must always move off first. Riders not at the front of the queue are expected to be watching the traffic so as they can move off with the rider in front of them if there is sufficient gap in the traffic.   



Staggered position This enables the following distance to be closed up safely whilst still providing a good view and stopping distance to other riders. This is expected at lower speeds and in town work but is obviously sacrificed if it presents insufficient margin to nearside or off-side hazards.  

Event Properties

Event Date 14-08-2019 7:00 pm
Event End Date 14-08-2019 10:00 pm
Registration Start Date 31-07-2019
Registered 14
Cut off date 13-08-2019
Location Starbucks
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