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Cornering Course 2021


This years course was a different setup to our usual design.

The new course was set out over four different corners with link rides between the places.

Riders were divided up into four groups then assigned a start corner .

We then rode to the corner and walked through it , once finished at that corner we all moved around to the next designated corner and again walking and talking through it.

The link ride was to apply what we had been talking about on to live corners between the training corners.


Pre Training Brief by Simon to all attendees.


Below the new setup.

RIders were asked to walk the corner and talk through the process of what they would do on approach etc and what clues and dangers they would observe.

Bob Ballinger giving a briefing on a corner up from one of the designated ones while we waited for that to clear .


THe new training layout worked really well and challenged riders to describe what the see and do .

Everyone had a break and a good chat half way through the morning to get feedback on the new process.


Training day went really well and was  enjoyed by all.

More pictures to follow 

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