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Club Nights and Meeting Dates

Our group meetings are held at the Alan Higgs Centre (Allard Way CV3 1HW)  on the 3rd  Wednesday of every month.


As well as being a great opportunity to meet other like-minded bikers, we do try to arrange an additional activity for the club night. This might include an external speaker, a training video presentations from members or a general discussion about riding and road safety.

All are welcome - if you are interested in learning more about advanced riding or the club itself then just pop along. There is no obligation to join and it's a great way to find out a bit more about what we actually do. 

Meetings start at 7.30pm and the venue is usually open from 7.00pm. 

Bikes can be parked on the path to the right of the reception doors .

How to get there


Alan Higgs Centre

Allard Way 

CV3 1 HW






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