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Membership Costs

The membership fees are:

  • Full Member: £25.00 per annum
  • Associate Member: £45.00 for first year
  • Associate Renewal: £30.00 per annum

The Associate Membership fee for the first year includes £20 of essential reading material to complement your training, so it really is very good value for money. Associate members are those members who have not yet passed their RoSPA Advanced riding test (or those who's RoSPA membership has lapsed). When you pass your test you become a Full Member and can take advantage of the discounted subscription rate when it is time to renew.

Membership subscriptions are due on 1st January of each year and are payable by the date of the first group meeting (19th January 2022). New members joining after 1st November will have their membership carried across to the following year.

To join, post your cheque and completed Application Form to the club secretary (contact details on application form) or bring them both along to one of our club nights.

PDF Membership Form at the bottom of the page. 


or contact 

                          Club Membership Secretary - James  Herbert 

                          Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    


DownLoad the application Form


Tuition to help associate members pass their RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test is provided free of charge by our volunteer Observers. We would ask however that you bear in mind that the Observers are giving up their own free time and using their own bikes and petrol to provide the training. As a result, it's normal for Associates to donate a nominal sum to their Observer for each ride to cover petrol and running expenses. Currently, the Committee feel that a suitable donation would be £20 per session. 

Visit the pages in the Tutoring section of this site to find out more about how training works.



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