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History of the Club

RoSPA Advanced Motorcyclists Coventry was formed in April 2002 by Terry White and Simon Abel. From small beginnings, and running originally from a base at Canley Fire Station, the group has evolved steadily over the years to a current membership of around 60.

One thing that has remained constant, is the desire of the club to train individuals to the highest standard they can attain.

An aspect of this was the club’s early involvement with the BikeSafe initiative, with both Terry White and Simon Abel being signed off as BikeSafe Observers. That set the precedent for the group, and until recently, many of the Observers were actively involved with BikeSafe via Warwickshire Police.

While many people have been influential within the group, a long term member, Gordon McCue, has shaped many of the processes and procedures that have made the club what it is today. With Terry as his mentor, Gordon passed with Gold, became an Observer, National Diploma Holder and BikeSafe Observer (helping to both develop and deliver the Warwickshire BikeSafe courses). Having experienced all of the Committee positions at one time or another, Gordon has returned as Chairman and so helps to ensure that many of the current membership retain the original ethos, enthusiasm and high standards that Terry embodied in the club.

With a membership of around 60, the club is big enough to have access to wide range of knowledge and riding skills in-house, but is still small enough for everyone to know the full membership.

Our Associates come from a wide range of backgrounds - either starting from scratch, the Enhanced Rider Scheme, BikeSafe or the IAM. Whatever the start point - all are ensured a warm welcome.

Our move to a new venue as of February 2016, provides the club with a central location and the opportunity to further develop the scope of the club.