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Motorcycle Roadcraft


Motorcycle roadcraft is the term used for the set of skills that allow:

  • a good rider to observe and react to everything that is going on around them. 
  • an empathy with your bike, the road and your surroundings that allows you to anticipate and plan for events before they have happened. 
  • a system of controlling your bike while riding that maximises your safety while at the same time allowing you to ride more smoothly and quickly.

It is also the name of the book that police riders and advanced riders refer to as the "bible" - the full title being 'Motorcycle Roadcraft - The Police Rider's Handbook to Better Motorcycling'.  If you join the group as an Associate, the book will be included in your Welcome Pack (along with a copy of The Highway Code and Know Your Traffic Signs). Alternatively, the book can be purchased online or from any good bookshop.

The book sets out the "system of motorcycle control".  The system as it is commonly known is a set of guidelines that set out a framework for observing your surroundings and manoeuvring your bike which is the foundation for advanced riding. It is an invaluable read as it provides detailed information about how to use the system to ride quickly, smoothly and safely.

One of the key points that the book makes is that irrespective of who's "fault" an accident was, there is nearly always something that an injured motorcyclist could have done to avoid it.  The ability to be self critical, and to learn from your mistakes are the first two lessons that the book teaches. The attitude of many riders that "all accidents are caused by car drivers" is unhelpful, and not even true.

A rider is very unlikely to obtain a good pass in the RoSPA Advanced test without a thorough knowledge of of the contents of the handbook. Make it the next book that you buy.



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