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RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test

The RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test is regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging available to the public. A RoSPA Gold is the highest civilian riding standard available and the holder will be a master of his or her art.

Becoming a better rider involves reviewing and adapting your riding skills to keep pace with ever changing road and traffic conditions.  Because RoSPA want to maintain the highest standards, they require that you retake the test every three years. However, the retest is free.

It is a firm principle that RoSPA look for candidates to follow the guidance in the current issues of Motorcycle Roadcraft and The Highway Code. You will be encouraged to display advanced riding skills at all legal speeds, provided it is safe to do so, and you should demonstrate the ability to make appropriate progress.  Before taking the test you should study the current editions of The Highway Code and Motorcycle Roadcraft. Without a good knowledge of both you are unlikely to obtain a high grade.

During the test you will be assessed on:-

  • The smoothness of your riding
  • Your use of the 'System of Motorcycle Control - IPSGA' (see Roadcraft page)
  • Positioning, for safety, stability and view on the approach to hazards.
  • Cornering in both urban and rural areas
  • Signals including use of arm signals where appropriate
  • Speed - The use of speed must at all times be safe and legal, yet the examiner will want to see a brisk ride with good progress being made where possible.
  • Overtaking - conducted safely and within the speed limit
  • Deportment - how harmoniously you and the bike work together
  • Vehicle sympathy
  • Observations - the examiner will seek evidence that you apply your observations of the near, middle and far distance into your riding plan
  • Judgement of distance and speed
  • Motorways and Dual Carriageways
  • Knowledge - you'll be asked a few questions about the Highway Code, Motorcycle Roadcraft and basic motorcycle mechanics.

After the test the examiner will debrief you and discuss aspects of the test. They'll tell you if you've passed and at what level - Bronze, Silver or Gold. If you've passed (it is also possible to fail), you'll receive a written report and certificate in the post a few weeks later.

For more information visit the Advanced Motorcycle Test section of the RoADAR website. (The RoSPA Test itself is arranged directly with RoSPA - we are simply one of a number of local groups throughout the UK who aim to provide tuition to test standard. The RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test costs £73 for riders over 26, and £68 for riders under 26.

To apply for the RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test, visit the Test Application page of the RoADAR website.

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