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Your tuition

Once you have been paired up with an Observer - they'll get in touch to introduce themselves and arrange your first session. From that point on, it’s your responsibility to contact them to either arrange future sessions or to confirm a date/time suggested by them.

As a guide, a typical tuition session will be 3-4 hours in duration and cover 70-100 miles. As your Observer is giving their time for free, using their own bike, and riding to/from the designated meeting point, the Committee feel that a suitable donation is to cover their fuel costs would be £20 per session.

Should you have a session booked and be unable to make it, please contact them and cancel. Like you, they are giving up their own free time so do not just fail to turn up.

In addition to your tuition, it’s also key that you make time to do your own practice. This will ensure you get the most out of each tutoring session as the principles learned in each session form the basis of the next and so need to become second nature.

Your motorcycle

When you arrive for any activity within the group, whether a tuition session or an organised ride-out, please make sure your motorcycle is maintained in good order, road legal and that (if requested) you have a full tank of fuel.

If for any reason it is found that this is not the case, you will be asked to leave and to remedy the situation before attending again. This is not the group making silly rules but if the worst happens and you’re stopped or have an accident, it reflects on the group and RoSPA as a whole.

Attendance at Open Ride-Outs

As an Associate, you’re welcome to join us on any of the Open Ride-outs. These cover both day rides and summer weekday evening rides and are organised on an informal basis from late spring to early autumn.

They’re a great way both to get some practice and to get to know your fellow riders. Dates are published as available.

(Please note, the published end-of-month Group Ride-outs are only open to Silver/Gold riders). .

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